C10GT 新世代10Gb以太网卡
  • Enables 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity
  • Dual Cable Interface
  • High Compatibility
  • Full WMI Support
  • Upgrade Your Thecus® NAS


  • Enables 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity
    Featuring a Tehuti Luxor TN3020-D processor, the C10GT grants your system compatibility with next-generation 10Gb Ethernet networks. This increased bandwidth yields astonishing file transfer performance and opens up high-bandwidth access to both server and storage applications.
  • Dual Cable Interface
    The C10GT sports a unique dual cable interface which has one CX4 port for copper cables, and one SFP+ port that can accommodate both copper and fiber optic cable types. Whether your network uses copper or fiber optic cabling, the C10GT has you covered.
  • High Compatibility
    The C10GT is fully compliant with a wide range of protocols, including IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ak, and IEEE 802.1q VLAN standards. And with support for a number of operating systems including Windows® Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux, the C10GT is easily integrated into virtually any network.
  • Full WMI Support
    System administrators will rejoice with the C10GT's compatibility with the Windows Management Interface (WMI), which enables them to manage both local and remote computers quickly and conveniently.
  • Upgrade Your Thecus® NAS
    The C10GT is a full-height PCI-e adapter that can be installed in both PCI Express x4 and x8 slots, which means high compatibility with a wide range of systems. Best of all, the C10GT can also be installed in select Thecus® NAS devices, such as the N7700PRO, N7700+, N8800PRO and N8800+, bringing your Thecus® NAS to the world of 10Gb Ethernet.


随着庞大的数字档案日益增加,透过网络传输的数据数据也不断飙升。网络存储设备领导厂商宏普科技®于今日正式发表首款10Gb 以太网卡产品C10GT,除了大幅度提升传输效能,还支持双排线接头且安装简易。平实的价格要让一般使用者皆能轻松享受新世代10Gb 以太网络的极速快感。

色卡司C10GT是一款高效能且多用途的10Gb以太网卡。搭载企业级Tehuti Luxor TN3020-D 处理器,C10GT能透过高效率网络频宽连接服务器与存储设备,不但更快速存取数据且耗电量较低。另一项特点则是C10GT搭载双排线接口,支持CX4接头与SFP+ 接头 – 可完美配置铜线与光纤排线。

C10GT在软件部分亦极具弹性,不但可轻松与其它网络环境结合,还能与IEEE 802.3ae、IEEE 802.3ak、IEEE 802.1q VLAN 标准兼容,并支持多种操作系统,包括Windows® Server 2003、Windows Server 2008、Windows XP、Windows Vista 以及 Linux。此外,C10GT也与Windows管理接口 (WMI)兼容,让系统管理者轻松管理本地与远程计算机。

C10GT使用非常简易,可轻松安装在PCI Express x4与x8插槽。还能与以下色卡司® NAS产品兼容并进行升级: 

  • TopTower N6850
  • TopTower N8850
  • TopTower N10850
  • N16000V
  • N16000
  • N7700PRO
  • N7700+
  • N8800PRO
  • N8800+

“10Gb 以太网络将是企业迈向新世代的标准配备,” 宏普科技总经理施婉菁表示。 “拥有色卡司C10GT,商业用户可轻松享受当今先进技术,同时兼顾速度与便利性。” 


1. Hardware Platform



PCI Express Host Bus Interface

Compatible with PCI Express x4, x8 slots


  • SFP+ x1
  • CX4 x1
  • Cabling Type

  • SFP+ Optical GBIC transceiver
  • SFP+ Copper Cable
  • CX4 (10G) Copper Cable
  • LED indicator

    LINK : Solid Green LED

    Power Consumption

    3.2W (Dual Port)



    Operating Temperature

    0 ºC to 70 ºC

    Storage Temperature:

    -40ºC to 85 ºC


    RoHS compliant, CE, FCC, C-Tick, VCCI, BSMI

    2. Software Functions



    Compatible with Thecus NAS
    PCI-e Slot

    N7700PRO/ N7700+ /N8800PRO/N8800+

    MAC Interfaces

  • IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ak, IEEE 802.1q  
  • VLAN compliance
  • Jumbo Frame support (up to 16k)
  • MIB statistics
  • Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows® Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista
  • Linux 2.4.X Linux 2.6.X, Redhat Distributions, Linux 64-bit
  • Multiple queues management
  • Windows Management Interface (WMI)
  • 包装内容

    Universal CD QIG Warranty Card