All-Flash Array

LightningPRO SE300 All-Flash Array
  • 使用NVMe固态硬碟,降低延迟及大幅减少overhead
  • 精巧的1U 机架式外型,在 4KB 随机写入标准下仍可维持 70 万 IOPS 的极致效能
  • 适用于虚拟化及企业应用的丰富软体功能
  • 支援iSCSI, NFS及CIFS/SMB超过6 x 10GbE 网络连线介面


05/04/2017 - Thecus Technology Corp officially launched their new line of All-Flash Array Storage. Thecus' LightningPRO series deliver top-tier productivity, being optimized to handle business-critical applications for large enterprises. With mainstream 10GbE connectivity, over 700K IOPS and data protection features, businesses can now be equipped with these highly proficient performance storage devices.

“Thecus has taken a bold new step in the storage industry. The new LightningPRO series provides companies with blazing reading and data exchange speeds to their back-end storage”, said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp. “For companies that deal with high-performance applications such as virtual infrastructures or transactional databases, the performance of these all-flash disk arrays is without equal.”

Thecus' LightingPRO series currently comprises of the SC180 and SE300. The SC180 is a 1U rackmount that delivers 360K sustained IOPS with 10 hot-swappable SATA SSDs. For more power, the SE300 is also a 1U Rackmount, yet delivers extremely high transfer speed of more than 700K IOPS for 4KB random writes with 8 SSDs using the NVMe interface which gives the whole system a lot more performance.

Thecus utilizes FlexiRemap technologywhich reorders random write data into sequential traffic to increase write performance. Unlike RAID algorithms, FlexiRemap remaps the data whenever beneficial before passing it to the underlying flash memory, avoiding unnecessary overhead and extending the lifespan of SSDs. That allows businesses to remove bottlenecks and achieve sub-millisecond performance.

LightningPRO Series Highlights

● Powerful performance, over 700K IOPS at predictable response times under 1ms
● Sustained performance over time, regardless of workload intensity
● Everything is built into the software platform
● Extended array and SSD lifespan
● Fault tolerance and automatic data reconstruction upon drive replacement
● Low TCO and high energy efficiency, enabling enterprises and datacenters to do more with less

1. FlexiRemap is the trademark or registered trademark of AccelStor, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries.


1. Hardware Platform
Item Spec
规格 1U 机架式
4KB 随机写入的 IOPS 平均维持700K IOPS以上
快闪记忆体管理1 FlexiRemap 技术
原始容量 6TB
可用容量2 3TB
固态硬碟数量 8
固态硬碟种类 NVMe
快闪记忆体种类 MLC
网络介面 6 x 10GbE SFP+
存储协定 iSCSI
管理介面 Web 型管理介面 (透过 HTTP/HTTPS)
CLI (透过序列埠)
电源 650W 1+1 备援
重点特色 最佳化低延迟表现
透过主流 Ethernet 介面即可达成超乎预期的 IOPS 效能
软体功能 Free Clone (复制)
vSphere Web Client 扩充套件 (plug-in)
系统尺寸 (宽 x 深 x 高) 482.6mm x 787.4mm x 44.4 mm (19in x 31in x 1.75in)
系统净重3 17kg (37.5lb)
环境温度 运作中: 10°C 至35°C (50℉至95℉ )
存储(非运作中): -20°C至60°C (-4℉至140℉)
环境湿度 运作中: 10%至90%非冷凝
存储 (非运作): 5%至95%非冷凝
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